Charge of the Dark God
Listen to the words of the Dark God, who was of old called Lakchos, Donn, Anubis, Hades, Setesh, Hoder, and by many other names:

"Heed My call, beloved ones, come unto Me and learn the secrets of death and peace. I am the corn at harvest and the fruit on the trees. I am the consort and mate of She whom we adore, call forth to thee.

I am the shadow in the bright day; I am the reminder of mortality at the height of living. I stand in the Darkness of Light, and am He whom you have called Death. I am Death so that Life my continue. For behold, Life is immortal because the living must die. On swift night wings, I lay you at the Mother's feet to be reborn and to return again. I am He who leads you home.

Scourge and flame, blade and blood - these are mine gifts to thee. Call unto Me in the forest wild and on hilltop bare and seek Me in the Darkness Bright.

I am the strength that protects, that limits; I am the power that says No, and No further. I am the things that cannot be spoken of, and I am the laughter at the edge of Death. Come with Me into the warm enfolding dark; feel My caresses in the hands, in the mouth, in the body of the one you love, and be transformed.

Thou who thinks to know Me, know that I am the untamed wind, the fury of the storm and passion in your soul. Seek Me with courage, lest you be swept away in the seeking. Seek with pride and humility, but see Me best with love and strength, for this is My path, and I love not the weak and fearful. Come unto Me and learn the secrets of death and peace.

Hear My call on long winter nights, and we shall stand together guarding Her Earth as She sleeps. Gather in the moonless night and speak in unknown tongues; the Dark Mother and I will listen. Sing to Us and cry out, and the Power will be yours to wield. Come dance; come love and smile, for behold: This is My worship. You are My children and I am thy Father.

Blow Me a kiss when the sky is dark, and I will smile, but no kiss return, for My kiss is the final one for all mortal flesh."