Cass's Wish Spell

I put a wish spell that I found on the net in my book of shadows a while back, and I figured I should write my own. Go outside and stand in your sacred space. Make sure there is a breeze, if there isn't try my Call The Winds spell. I always like to use my hands when I'm sending a spell. With this one I used my right hand and made a circle, counter-clockwise and pushed the energy in the way of the wind.

The Spell:

On this breeze
A wish I cast
Power's strong
Energy last
My wish come forth
Into my sight
A wish I cast
On this night

After you say the spell keep your stance with your hands still pointing in the direction of the winds flow, close your eyes, bring power into yourself, and say your wish. Feel the energy flow through your arms, and out of your hands onto the wind. Your wish has been sent.

Blessed Be~ Cassonian

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