Candle Lust
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Ah, many crave many get screwed over by more ways than one *wink* I wrote this spell a while back, never got to use it. Well I tried, but the goddess wished not for it to work. I placed the spell on a cigarette of the person in which I wanted to raise lust. But, it was thrown away, never to touch the lips of my love. I think it was a good thing that the goddess stopped my attempt. Lust is a funny thing to conjure! If it is wrong to cast, the goddess may not be able to stop you, so beware!! Make sure the lust is in the person, before you raise it out of them. If you sexually manipulate someone...the consequences are brutal! Heed my warning fellow casters *cackle* now on to the spell

The Spell:

I designed this spell to incorporate any gender and sexual preference, if you find it offensive, then you are either in denial or a fool..and I say that with love.

Be that as it may
Being Bi, Straight or Gay
Turn your lust to me
Each and every day
If tired of you I get
May your lust turn astray
With harm to none
So mote it be!

You can either enchant something that the person will touch, or whisper it while you are touching the a massage or something with a homemade lust oil. I have my own recipe, but it's a witches secret hehe

Blessed Be!~Cassonian