Candle Calling
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Items Needed:
Candle (corresponding color)
Essential Oil to go along with the spell
Small Piece of Paper
(when I performed this spell, it was for love so I used a red candle and lavender essential oil. I did not dress the candle. I used the essential oil, so I did not feel it was necessary)

The Spell:
Light the candle. Write down your message on the paper and be specific! Fold the paper up so it is really small. Make sure the candle is on something that you wouldn't worry about getting wax on. Visualize the person you are calling out to while putting the paper on the candle and into the flame. Have your hands over the candle in a triangular form. Fingers angled together, thumbs touching. Focus upon the persons face and recite the spell

<Name of person>, I call to you
The words I write will come to you
With this candle I burn for you
A sign from me will come to you
My words and sweet thoughts,
will come to you too

Now take the essential oil and add a few drops to the flame to give it a kick of power. Continue saying the spell while moving your hands up and down the candle in the triangular position until the paper turns to ash. Take the candle outside and blow the ashes away. Blow the flame out if you wish to cast the spell again, if not, let the candle burn completely out. The spell is done, So mote it be!

Blessed Be~ Cassonian