Candle History
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The candle originates from fire worship. Almost as early as time itself, humans have been in awe of the fiery flame. Warming the body, protecting the mind...and food! The flame of the hearth was guarded carefully, shielded against the ravages of wind and rain. Over time, fire came to represent strength, power, and the ability to see past the terrors of night.
The candle represents illumination, the energizing power of the sun, and the spark of life that resides within the human soul. As an agent of the fire element, candles are quick to resond to magickal incantations and creative visualization. The candle gives light to darkness and brings desires into reality.
Candles can be used by themselves as a form of magick, or they may be incorporated as part of a spell. In either case, the candle itself becomes the point of focus. The color of the candle and it's shape and size all play important roles in the art of candle magick. The color signifies intent, the design or hsape represents the objective, and the size is equivalent to the amount of time needed to carry out the spell.