Calm a Storm
Original Spell by Cassonian

I wrote this spell just recently. I've never tried it. When I write spells I usually never have a purpose...just an inspiration. I know messing with weather is not always a great thing to do, but I wrote this spell to be used if it is seriously needed. It should calm the storm, but bring it back after your goal is accomplished... therefore it wouldn't get rid of it completely. I think that's the loophole around weather-working. I hope it helps whoever feels they need to use it.

The Spell:

This may be a bit difficult, but could be fun at the same time. Go out into the storm. If you wish to mess with mother nature, you have to be within her power. Cast a circle around yourself to bless the Earth beneath you. Grab some dirt within this circle and hold it in your right hand. Hold it out infront of you and recite this spell.

Dirt within my right hand's palm
I charge to make the weather calm
Cast back to the air and to the ground
Lightning's thunder shall not sound
Rain shall cease, wind shall end
I beg thee nature, my life long friend
Until a day I need not fret
About the weather you have set
I thank thee mother for your time
Enchant this spell and power rhyme
Joy from my heart you shall see
With harm to none, so mote it be

Throw the dirt in a circle around you. Visualize the storm calming down. Release your circle and believe in your heart mother nature will grant your request...if it's truely needed.

Blessed Be ~ Cassonian

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