I Call You To Me
Items Needed:
Red Canlde(heterasexual)
Purple candle~citronela if possible(for homosexual calling)
Lavender Incense
Tag-lock (picture of person)

In a place where the candle can burn out fully, and it won't catch anything on fire. Sprinkle the marjoram around the candle so it makes a circle and light the incense with the candle. Kneel in front of the altar you created...stare into the flame and call upon Venus

"goddess Venus hear my call"
"send me your love, and powers all"
"be with me on this night"
"grant me strength with all your might"
"send this spell for me"

Take the picture and start to burn it in the candle while you say this spell:

"Picture burn, face I see"
"I want you now, come to me"
"harm to none"
"so mote it be"

repeat the spell until the picture burns out. Wait until the picture turns to complete ash (this may be a little difficult, if you have something to set it on while it is burning, and wait for it to burn completely it is easier), and sprinkle it around the candle with the marjoram. When the candle fully burns down, take the marjoram and the ash...and blow it in the wind...then say

"Goddess Venus, I cast this spell...let it be sent...work it well...blessed be"

Another custom spell for one of my friends. I still haven't gotten any feedback about it, so I hope it works :) This spell is really to call someone to you, not to love you, just to bring them to you so you can work your own "magick" on them. I quoted magick because I don't mean put a spell on them, I mean use your inner-beauty, your intelligence, your eyes...everything that is wonderful about you! :)

Blessed Be! ~Cassonian

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