Recommended Books
These are my highly recommended books on Wicca. Click on the title to visit Barnes and to purchase these books.
Wicca, A Guide for the solitary practitioner and Living Wicca, a further guide for the solitary practitioner.

 Two wonderful books by Scott Cunningham. These are great books for beginners looking for answers. They both give explanations to most questions new wiccans ask before they get into the craft.
The Wicca Handbook

This is one great book. It is packed with information for magick. Tables, correspondences, information and even some spells. I love this book! Thank you so much Eileen!
Wicca For Men

This is a great book, A.J. Drew is such a wonderful author. Finally a book from the male's point of view. I am sure there are wonderful books by male wiccans, but this has been my favorite!
Magical Herbalism

Another by Scott Cunningham. He wrote this a while ago, so it does have some herbs in there that most wiccans tend not to use anymore (if they can find them) and has some odd uses for the ones in there, but otherwise a great book. It has lots of information.

More to come, I promise...

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