Banishing Talisman
           Cedarwood essential oil

Time to perform spell:
           Saturday, during the day (time of Saturn)

The spell:

 Pour water into chalice, and put the hematite stone into it. Put about 10 drops of the Cedarwood essential oil into the water. This is a very potent oil, so if you want to put less you can. In your chalice stir the mixture counter-clockwise and think of all the evil/bad feelings inside of you flowing into the hematite stone. While saying this incantation:

       "Bad energies flow, out of my soul
         Into this stone, leave me alone
         Bad feelings flow, out of my soul
         Into this stone, leave me alone!"

Now the stone is charged, and able to take in bad feelings that you need to get rid of. Hold the stone in the center of your palms and push. Close your eyes, and picture your feelings flowing into the stone, and out of your body. Make sure you don't over load the stone, if you feel there is too many feelings within it, make sure you ground it before the next use. As for the remains of the water in the chalice, keep it in a tightly sealed bottle, and put it in the fridge. After you ground the stone to get rid of the trapped feelings inside, repeat the spell on the stone to power it up again.

I wrote this spell for a very special friend of mine, she had some really bad feelings about her father that she was keeping inside, and it was messing her up. So I did this for her and she said everytime she felt the anger, she pushed her feelings into the stone, and she said it made her feel much better!

Blessed Be, ~Cassonian

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