Banish Depression


            Chinese Ephedra
            Sea Salt
            Jasmine Tea
            Rose hips

The Spell:
             Pour Vodka into bowl and put herbs in while visualizing their power and how they will help you. The last herb in should be the Valerian while you say:

             "Bring me the power
               I summon thee"

take the bowl in your hand and swirl the mixture counter-clockwise and say:

             "Banish my depression"

swirl the mixture clockwise and say:

             "Bring me my energy"

repeat this 3 times. Close your eyes and swirl the mixture counter-clockwise and repeat:

             "Banish my depression"

but this time put all of your energy into it. Feel the power. Do this as many times as you feel right. The swirl the mixture clockwise and do the same but while saying:

             "Bring me my energy"

when you feel you are done, stare into the center of hte bowl and blow on it. Take a drink and rub some on your third eye, cheeks and chin. You should feel a rush of energy. Pour your potion into the bottle. Everyday take a sip, it should give you the amount of energy you need for the day.

Blessed Be, ~Cassonian

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